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Bernard Sunley Foundation

By September 12, 2016Funding Opportunities

The Foundation will fund:

  • Capital projects which include new buildings, extensions, refurbishments and recreational spaces.
  • New minibuses that provide a vital service to those most in need in their local community.
  • Churches and other places of worship with a strong, secular community focus.
  • Charities or CIOs (Charitable Incorporated Organisations) registered in England and Wales.
  • Certain organisations with ‘exempt’ status which are places of worship, specialist schools, scout and guide groups, hospices, museums, galleries, heritage centres, housing associations and community benefit societies.

Grants are divided into the following four categories:

  • Community
  • Education
  • Health
  • Social Welfare

They offer three levels of grants. These are large grants of £20,000 and above, medium grants of up to £20,000 and small grants of £5,000 and under. The large and medium grants are considered and agreed upon at Trustees’ meetings. The small grants are agreed by Trustees on a monthly basis and form the majority of the grants.

For more information go to the Foundation’s website

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