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Baily Thomas Charitable Fund

The Baily Thomas Charitable Fund is a grant making registered charity which was established primarily to aid the research into learning disability and to aid the care and relief of those affected by learning disability by making grants to voluntary organisations working in this field.

They consider projects for children or adults.  They do not give grants for research into or care of people with mental illness, dyslexia, dyspraxia nor ADHD, if they do not also have learning disabilities (intellectual disabilities).

Funding is available only to organisations within and projects based in the UK.

Grants will not normally be awarded to individuals.

Applications for General funding – deadlines

The submission deadline for applications seeking funding in excess of £10,000  is 1st March  for the meeting in June 2017

If your application is considered under the Small Grants procedure (i.e. if the appeal is for £10,000 and below),then this will be reviewed by the Trustees ahead of the usual meetings and there is therefore no deadline for submitting an appeal.

General information

Following the meeting all applicants are contacted formally to advise on the status of their application.

Please feel free to submit your application whenever you are ready, rather than waiting for the deadline.

 For more information go to the Baily Thomas website 

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