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YBS Coronavirus Response Fund

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Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation has launched its Coronavirus Response Fund to support smaller charities during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The £100,000 fund will make donations of £250 to £2,000 to charities that are helping UK communities to cope with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Charities can apply for support with running costs, staff and travel costs as well as volunteer expenses.

Charities can apply for a donation from the Coronavirus Response Fund and see the full eligibility criteria here (opens in a new tab)

Charities will receive a decision on their application within two weeks of submitting a request.

Help Musicians Coronavirus Financial Hardship Fund 

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Eligible musicians are able to apply for a one-off payment of £500 through an online form. They encourage musicians only to apply if they are indeed suffering significant financial hardship to enable them to provide help quickly to those who need it the most.

The fund is open to anyone that satisfies the general criteria for support:

  • You are a professional working musician (meaning a performer, composer/creator or someone directly involved in the production of music, or in work for which the main qualification is a high level of musical training)
  • You are self employed or currently unemployed
  • You are in need of financial help
  • You satisfy the residency requirements
  • You are not currently in full-time Further or Higher Education

This is an emergency offer of immediate financial support, however,  they are still here to help musicians with advice and support through their team and the Music Minds Matter support line which is available anytime day or night for emotional support.

You can find more information here (opens in a new tab)

The Prince’s Countryside Fund – Rural Response Emergency Grants 

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Deadline 15th April  

With thanks to Players of People’s Postcode Lottery, groups can apply for grant funding of up to £2,500 if they: 

  • are providing emergency relief to vulnerable or isolated individuals or; 
  • are providing support to farmers and farm businesses affected by the Coronavirus pandemic or; 
  • are helping rural or farming communities to cope with the Coronavirus pandemic 

You can find more information here (opens in a new tab)  

Tesco Bags of Help COVID-19 Communities Fund

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Tesco Bags of Help is responding to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis by setting up a new short-term fund to support communities in need. Due to the need to respond quickly to the emergency Groundwork have created a streamlined application process and payment process to make it easier to get funds to people in need quickly.

If your application is successful the fund will provide a single payment award of £500 to organisations who are supporting vulnerable groups. The programme is set up to support organisational need in this time of crisis rather than fund specific projects.

Typically, the fund will support organisations

  • whose need for services has been disrupted – for example a food bank whose stocks are running low and need an immediate donation to enable the food bank to restock.
  • require to put in place new services – for example charities setting up a new home service to the elderly who usually attend a monthly lunch club or a charity needing to set up a telephone service to support beneficiaries.
  • Increased demand – a holiday hunger club needs more resources due to schools closing, or a children’s centre needs an additional temporary staff member.

Applications will be welcomed from a wide range of organisations including:
voluntary/community organisations, registered charities, schools, health bodies, Parish/Town councils, social enterprises, Community Interest Companies, community councils, local authorities and housing organisations.

Other not-for-profit organisations might also be eligible.

Businesses and ‘for profit’ organisations are not eligible

Tesco Bags of Help COVID-19 Communities Fund FAQs (pdf, opens in a new tab)

Tesco Bags of Help COVID-19 Communities Fund Guidance Notes (pdf, opens in a new tab)

Tesco Bags of Help COVID-19 Communities Fund – application form (pdf, opens in a new tab)

You can also apply online here (opens in a new tab)

National Heritage Lottery Emergency Fund 

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National Heritage Lottery Fund has launched a £50m emergency fund.  

It aims to address immediate pressures over the next 3-6 months for those most in need as well as provide increased investment in essential digital skills across the sector. On the latter, it will look to provide expertise in critical areas such as digital fundraising, use of social media and communications, and running online events and activities.   

Grants of between £3,000 and £50,000 will be available to organisations that have received funding in the past and are either a current grantee, or still under contract following a previous grant. 

The funder has surveyed more than 1,250 heritage organisations on the effect of the Covid-19 crisis, finding that 82% of respondents reported a high or moderate risk to their organisation’s long-term viability.  

Some 35% said their financial reserves will be depleted within four months, while 46% of organisations can survive for no more than six months.  

More information here  (opens in a new tab)

Are you insured for your current activities?

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Forum are aware that a number of VCSE groups and organisations will currently be doing work differently. This may mean supporting people via telephone or online instead of face-to-face. However, for a lot of organisations, it’s a big change – for example helping to deliver food parcels instead of delivering training courses.
If you are asking staff or volunteers to work in a different way, have taken volunteers on for the first time, or have changed the nature of your provision temporarily, please review your insurance and if necessary, get in touch with your insurance providers to ensure you have adequate cover in place for your current activities.
This includes your Employer’s Liability Insurance, Vehicle Insurance and Public Liability/Professional Indemnity insurance.

Commission gives advice on changing charitable objects during Covid-19 

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From Civil Society 

The Charity Commission has added information about changing charitable objects to its guidance for charities operating during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The guidance states: “Naturally, lots of charities are considering whether they can help the effort to tackle Covid-19 and its severe impact on people right across the country. You should first consider the terms of your charity’s existing charitable objects.”

However, it adds that trustees of charities with certain objects may be able to adapt and respond to coronavirus either directly or indirectly.  For example, a charity with an object to advance religion may be able to offer support as part of its pastoral work. Or an arts charity might help relieve isolation through its online work.  

You can read the rest of the article here (opens in a new tab)  

You can read all the Commission’s COVID-19 guidance here (opens in a new tab) 

Protecting Places of Worship consultation

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Deadline 10th May

In launching this consultation, the Home Office recognise the vulnerability that worshippers feel when attending their place of worship. Places of worship should be a place of comfort but leave people vulnerable to abuse and intolerance. 

They understand the need to adapt the way they respond to religious hate crime recognising that no 2 religions are the same and that historical, cultural and theological differences also shape attitudes and practices towards security. 

Following consultation with religious leaders, they have consistently heard that there is an important balance to strike between worshipping openly and without fear, and providing adequate security measures to protect worshippers. 

You can find out more and take part here  (opens in a new tab) 

Consultation on new NHS Guidance for Children and Young People’s Social Prescribing 

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Deadline 17th April

Interest in social prescribing for children and young people is increasing. In some areas it is already happening, while others have said that they would welcome guidance. In response, NHS England & Improvement have commissioned the following guidance, which is now open for consultation.

Whether you are a commissioner, coordinator, provider, funder, researcher or have any other interest in children and young people’s services and wellbeing, your opinion is welcomed. 

Most questions require tick-box answers only, and should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete, in total. 

You can respond here  (opens in a new tab) 

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