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Arts Council Touring Programme

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9th January 2015

This programme provides funding for individuals and organisations to help people across England have improved access to great art visiting their local area, particularly in places that rely on touring for much of their arts provision.
Round 18 Friday 9 January 2015; will hear of outcome on Monday 2 March 2015

Any individual or organisation can apply to the programme. Partnerships, networks and consortia can also apply. These groups can include:

  • Promoters
  • Producers
  • Artists
  • Agencies
  • Companies
  • Marketing or audience development specialists
  • Local authority representatives
  • Or any other kind of organisation or individual.

The kinds of activity the programme will support include:

  • Artistic activity including the creation of work to be toured, commissioning, re-production of work that has already been presented to the public, or ‘buying in’ touring work, including incoming international work.
  • Audience development activity including research, work to address access issues, marketing materials, educational support materials.
  • Skills development activity including training, mentoring, networking, opportunities to go and see artistic work or spend time with people in different organisations.Proportionate management and administrative costs including access support for those involved in delivering the activity.

In exceptional circumstances applicants can include some expenditure on equipment if directly related to the activity.
Projects over £10,000, which take place over a maximum of three years, are eligible for funding.
At least 10% of the total cost of activity is expected to come from other sources.

For more information, visit the Arts Council England website

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