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Co-Op Local Community Fund

Currently closed

The Co-op Local Community Fund gives money to local causes, helping to bring people together and make a difference.

To apply to be a Co-op cause you must have a project or event in mind that:

  • takes place in the UK or Isle of Man
  • doesn’t have religious or political aims (although you can still apply if you’re a religious organisation)
  • meets the Co-op’s values
  • benefits your local community

They’ll give preference to projects run by small, local organisations that make a real difference to people in their community.


This fund is not a simple grant fund where you apply for a set amount for a project you want to run. It’s an award made by members of the Co-op who decide which local cause they want to support with 1% of their spend in local shops. Applications are assessed by the Co-op membership team, who select which local causes to go forward to the Co-op members. Members choose which to support and then the awards are earned over the year, with payments made after six months and then at the end of the year. Amounts tend to be in the region of £1,000 – £5,000 – but these are reliant on Co-op members shopping in Coop stores.

You and your clients/members/supporters could all become Co-op members and have a vote!

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