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Acevo report raises concerns about diversity, regulation and workload

By March 12, 2019National News

From Civil Society

Charity chief executives are most concerned about diversity on their boards, regulation of the sector and workload, according to Acevo’s latest annual survey of its members.

Only 26 per cent of chief executives are satisfied with the ethnic diversity of their boards, though 76 per cent are satisfied with the gender diversity, the research has revealed.

Despite this, only 32 per cent have any concrete plans to address ethnic diversity issues and only 34 per cent have strategies in place to recruit more candidates with disabilities.

The gender pay gap for chief executives is, on average, 13.8 per cent.

The results come from Acevo’s Annual Pay and Equalities Survey, in which 528 chief executives responded to a number of questions about issues spanning pay, diversity, and workload.

You can read the full article here

(the ACEVO report itself, can be bought for £48 members, £65 non members from their website)

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