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£900m government rehabilitation programme ‘has failed charities’

By May 11, 2018National News

From Civil Society

The government’s £900m Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) programme has failed in its aim to boost charity involvement, according to a new report.

Umbrella body Clinks has been reviewing the programme’s delivery since it launched in 2015, and its latest report shows an increasingly negative response from charities providing rehabilitation services. Rehabilitation services are procured through the National Probation Service (NPS) and 21 regional community rehabilitation companies (CRCs) using a mechanism called a rate card.

Clinks’ latest survey found only 35% of the 132 organisations it surveyed had received any funding from CRCs, and only two organisations got funding from the NPS. The survey found the majority of charities over £10m were getting some CRC funding, while most smaller organisations are providing support to offenders with no funding from probation services.

Half of the organisations receiving CRC funding reported that their services were unsustainable, with a third using their own reserves to subsidise services.

The problems appear to be increasing, as 30% of CRC-funded organisations reported a decrease in their funding during 2016/17. Similarly, 37% of charities that were not funded by CRCs reported a decrease in their funding during 2016/17. Many of these unfunded charities reported feeling “used” by the system to meet targets, as the majority of these still received referrals from the NPS (58%), CRCs (64%), and prisons (71%). Only 15% of respondents said the TR programme had a positive impact on service users.

You can read the full report as an online pdf here

You can read the full article on the Civil Society website

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