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81.3% of parents will NOT send their children back to school if they reopen in June

By May 20, 2020National News

From Childcare.co.uk

The Department for Education has asked schools and nurseries to prepare to reopen from 1st June. Primary schools have been told that they would be the first schools to reopen to welcome back children from reception, Year 1 and Year 6, whilst nurseries and childminders have been told to welcome back all children.

Childcare.co.uk asked parents ‘If your child’s school or childcare setting was open and available to you from 1st June, would you send your child back?’ and 20,805 responded.

The results are staggering. 81.3% of parents said ‘No’ with just 18.7% of parents answering ‘Yes’.

37.9% of parents who answered ‘No’ said they were ‘finding it hard to get work done themselves with the children at home but keeping them at home was the safest thing to do’.

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