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52 per cent of people say they trust charities, according to new survey

By March 12, 2019National News

nfpSynergy have produced a new report, Fundraising around the World, in association with Australian consultancy More Strategic. They conducted stand-alone quantitative research in nine countries with a representative sample of populations from Australia, Canada, Germany, Holland, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The report looked at:

  • Levels of trust in charities in these nine countries
  • Fundraising and volunteering habits
  • Attitudes to charities and their importance in society
  • Favourite causes in the respective countries
  • An analysis of giving patterns in relation to religion, to size of donation, and a segmentation of attitudes to charity

This research provides a range of insights into how we can build trust and support for charities.

Among its key findings for the UK are:

  • Despite controversies facing charities in recent years, the UK has about average levels of trust and confidence in charities across the group of countries they sampled.
  • According to the report 52 per cent of people in the UK trust charities, while 70 per cent agreed that they make a difference
  • UK citizens also ranked the charity sector as the 4th most trusted institution, below the armed forces, schools and the police. (The least trusted institution, in 7 out of the 8 countries, was deemed to be political parties)

You can download the report as a pdf here

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