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Poverty, Evictions and Forced Moves

By February 1, 2018National News

The loss of a home can be a traumatic and challenging experience for anyone, and for tenants with limited financial resources this can add to other difficulties that they experience. Over 40,000 tenants were evicted from homes by landlords in 2015, and many more felt forced to move from their homes due to problems of affordability, the condition of the property, or disputes with their landlord. 

This report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation explores the rapid increase in evictions over the last 12 years, and the impact these have had on the lives of tenants who lose their homes. The report attempts to explain the factors which prompt evictions and forced moves, the tenants who are affected, how these have changed over time, and what steps tenants might take to avoid such events. The report also suggests that there is clear evidence that the rising rates of evictions are linked to the overall growth of the Private Rented Sector and to cuts to LHA, with the greatest impact being felt in London. Tenants with mental health difficulties are particularly vulnerable, but simply being in poverty is sufficient to put households at risk of eviction, with very little hope of finding a new home

You can read the report on the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website

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